About the Author


An avid reader since the age of six, Ramona Van Meter Benson has been writing for decades. She is an independent author who likes to write about every day realities. Being a firm believer of the adage “the more you know the more you grow ”, Ramona views writing as an opportunity to bridge gaps between whatever divides be it race, age, gender, socioeconomic,
time or space.

Although a Realtor by trade, Ramona has spent a large part of her adulthood teaching. She dedicates much of her time to helping others learn by being a second language instructor, substitute teacher, online tutor, church school instructor and liturgical dance leader.

A supporter of uplifting those less fortunate, Ramona serves as a Housing Coordinator for the SafeHouse Outreach Welcome Home Program, an organization that provides housing to chronically homeless families. She is also the Director of Future is Near, a not for profit organization focused on helping young people achieve career goals.

Ramona believes that, for many, the bridge to a thriving future needs to be pathed with visual representations. For those who put more stock in what they see than what they hear, it is not enough to be told ‘you can’. Some need to see it being done so they can figure out how to do it themselves.

Through diverse representation in books, Ramona allows those who are not usually given the forefront an opportunity to see their possibilities. She also gives those who are seemingly different an opportunity to discover how much we all have in common.

Either overtly or covertly, Ramona’s goal is to provide readers relatable characters that move them in positive ways.